1. Consult Your Physician

Being open and honest with your doctor can result in a proper treatment plan.

Your health care practitioner knows your medical history and will advise what is best for you.

They can make CBD dosage recommendations based on your condition and ailments,

and make sure that you can get the most benefits from your CBD usage.

2. Proper Dosage

There is no “one size fits all” for CBD. Users need to experiment and trial to gauge and find the proper dosage for themselves.

As we all have different and diversified body chemistries, CBD will also react and affect differently.

It is important to start off gradually with small doses and increase to find the perfect amount for you.

3. Proper Time

CBD if taken sublingually will hit you rather quickly.

However, for some individuals it may need time to build up and get used to their system.

A good example is when people work out to put on muscle it comes fast for some and it is a rather slower process for others.

We are all very different and unique in our own ways and we experience effects differently.

It may even take a few weeks or even a few months for CBD to actually take full effects. As many say time is an essence!

4. Find the Right Product

Cannot stress this enough! Please please please fulfill your due diligence and find products that are real!

There are so many counterfeit CBD products out in the market.

Find products that are properly lab tested and have corresponding COAs (Certificate of Analysis).

If you are reading this you are in safe hands, we offers products that are high quality with generous prices that are THC Free or less than 0.3% THC, organic, 3rd party, lab-tested, non-GMO and made in USA.

5. Expectations

CBD is not a miracle pill. It won’t heal a broken bone or remove all life problems.

However, it is a natural remedy that acts as a health supplement.

CBD will assist and help bring your body, mind and soul into balance and enhance your lifestyle in various way.