1. CBD is Psychoactive?!

The short and simple answer is NO!

There are two different types of CBD oil products that are out in the market that we need to understand first:

  • Hemp derived CBD – Does NOT contain THC or less than 0.3% THC.
  • Marijuana derived CBD – Will have greater concentrations of THC and less CBD.

THC is the psychoactive compound that creates the “high” feeling for users.

Charis Hemp products are all hemp derived and are THC free or less than 0.3%, so you will not get high or feel psychoactive effects.

Always remember to double check your sources! Users need to ensure that they purchase THC free or less than 0.3% products with valid COAs (Certificate of Analysis) to support the products.

2. CBD will Cause Fatigue and It Will Knock You Out!?

CBD assists in bringing balance to the body. It will help users relax and sleep better, but basically when your body needs it.

CBD works with your natural processes as explained in the ECS (Endocannabinoid System).

Users will utilize CBD in the morning to help with focus, manage anxiety, and enhance energy.

After you have gone through a busy day it will help you relax and rest.

3. OMG is CBD Addictive!?

CBD is NOT addictive. There are numerous studies and analyses on the internet that can back this up.

CBD is in fact continuously being studied for potentially being a treatment FOR addictions.

Recent scientific analyses have revealed that CBD can moderate and assist in drug and substance abuse.

There is also some preliminary data signifying it may be beneficial to tobacco and cannabis addiction too.

Continuous studies are being conducted and emerging, but one thing for sure is that CBD is definitely NON-addictive.

4. CBD will Impair Your Cognitive Functions!?

There have been numerous studies that can be found with the correlation between CBD and productivity.

CBD can assist users to learn and focus better, as well as improving brain function, attention and memory.

CBD in fact promotes neurogenesis (growth and development of neurons), which essentially reduces the deterioration of cognitive functions.