You can take CBD at any time of the day and it will most likely bestow beneficial effects on your health.

However, you can feel a various ranges of effects depending on when you take it since CBD works with your body processes, cycles and rhythm.

Here are the best times for you to use CBD throughout the day.


1. Morning

Before your stressful day begins and your body is half awake, CBD is a great remedy for stress and anxiety.

There are stress receptors that CBD targets in our ECS which helps mitigate stress hormones.

CBD in the morning can actually help give you a boost in energy to get through your day.


2. During Work

Feeling stressed and tired at work? Preparing for important events and meetings? Palms are starting to sweat and your mind is scrambling in all directions?

As discussed before, CBD will help with your focus and cognitive functions. It does not only work as a night time remedy.

Of course there may be some psychological factors associated with this, however CBD is proven to help with anxiety and stress.


3. After a Strenuous Day

Had a long arduous day at work? Our mind and body is still tense and racing.

CBD can help you seek tranquility and put you at ease by lowering your stress levels.

Many of us run through the day with excessive amounts of caffeine to increase energy levels,

but by the time we get home we want to feel relaxed.

CBD will help you relax and put your mind at peace, which is what we plead for at the end of the day.


4. Experiencing Pain

Many individuals take CBD for pain management and it has become one of the most popular natural remedies.

There is a strong relationship with pain and stress and CBD is a great combo breaker.

CBD has continuously proven to be a great remedy for chronic pain.

CBD helps with both short and long term pain, and not just a temporary fix.


5. Good Night!

CBD helps tremendously with insomnia and various sleep disorders.

We recommend taking it at least 30 minutes before going to bed and it can beneficially aid your sleep.

CBD will help your body produce natural melatonin as well.

Customers have great things to say about our hemp extract & melatonin tablets!

Enjoy your deep sleep and feel rejuvenated in the morning.